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Advanced Dental Technology – Mesquite, TX

Advanced Technology Ensures the Best Care Possible

Texas Dentistry wants to deliver dental services to patients that are truly unmatched, regardless of their age. Part of accomplishing this task is providing technology that is state-of-the-art in the field of dentistry. We can make your treatments more comfortable, effective and efficient than ever before. Our Mesquite dental office includes technology that improves the overall patient experience. If you’d like to learn more about the advanced technology and techniques we employ at the dental office, keep reading!

Why Choose Texas Dentistry for Advanced Dental Technology?

Intraoral Cameras

Dentist capturing intraoral images

Have you had a dentist find an issue but were unable to view the issue yourself? Instead of solely taking our word for it, now you can see the problem with your own eyes. Our dental office uses the DEXIS™ intraoral camera to keep you informed on exactly what’s happening inside your mouth. Therefore, you’re no longer sitting on the sidelines. Now, you’re a team player when it comes to making informed decisions on treatments and confirming the state of your oral health.

All-Digital X-Rays

Woman during 3D CT scan

Texas Dentistry takes radiographs very seriously. With the help of radiographs, we can capture things we wouldn’t be able to see with the naked eye. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to confirm the presence of cavities inside teeth, nor would we be able to understand the health of your bone tissue. Additionally, radiographs help us examine your roots and nerves of your teeth in case trauma or damage occurs. Overall, radiographs improve our ability to diagnose, treat and maintain your short- and long-term oral health. Compared to traditional x-rays, we can cut the amount of exposure time in half and achieve a more detailed picture as a result. Once captured, we can send them to you, whether you need them for a dental specialist or as part of a claim for your insurance company.

Laser Dentistry

Patient receiving laser dentistry treatment

Futuristic technology probably makes you think about holograms or lasers that cut through steel like butter. While holograms are still caught up in development, laser dentistry has become a staple here at Texas Dentistry! We use them daily to perform many tasks, allowing us to be less invasive and avoid the use of metal dental tools. As a bonus, we can reduce common postoperative symptoms, such as bleeding or swelling, to the point where they are no longer present. As a result, your mouth heals much faster and your dental visit is more comfortable. Laser dentistry allows us to offer better services to patients of all ages.

Dental Scopes

Dental tools in a row

Getting the best quality dental care possible means making sure that we have the latest technology. Our use of high-powered microscopes ensures that our patient care is as precise and detailed as possible. In many ways, dentistry is a form of micro-surgery, and using the same microscope that an ophthalmologist uses allows us to create restorations that fit your teeth perfectly. These are far more effective then restorations simply made using the naked eye. The microscope uses a focused light exclusively on teeth, which reduces glare and allows for a more precise fabrication process.

Electric Drills

Handheld dental drill tool

While many dentists use drills that are driven by air, we’ve found that electric drills rotate more smoothly than air-driven varieties. We’ve also found that air-driven drills are not ideal for more complex or meticulous restorative jobs. In the event that your restorative case is more complex, we’ll use a drill that provides highly precise interfaces between your damaged, natural tooth and the new crown, bridge or filling. Electric drills also cause less vibration and noise, which can be a deal breaker for many patients who cannot stand certain stimuli in the dental office.

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