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6 Benefits of Choosing a Dentist Who Uses an Intraoral Camera

August 18, 2022

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Intraoral camera

Dental technology is becoming more and more advanced, and so does the standard of dental care. One piece of technology that is highly beneficial to patients is the intraoral camera. This is a tiny digital camera that allows your dentist to go inside your mouth and capture images in hidden areas. The latest cameras allow dentists to freeze their shots and examine them in depth. Continue reading to learn about the numerous benefits of choosing a dentist who uses an intraoral camera.

Early Detection of Oral Health Issues

When tooth decay or another dental disease is detected early on, chances are that the patient will be able to be treated in a way that is less invasive, less time-consuming, and more affordable. Oftentimes, it is difficult to see certain oral health issues with the naked eye. Intraoral cameras work great for detecting health problems at an earlier stage when they are more easily treatable.

Better Patient Education

In addition to being useful for dentists to diagnose problems, intraoral cameras are also helpful when it comes to teaching patients about different oral health issues they are dealing with. In the past, it has been difficult for dentists to explain the extent and seriousness of dental problems simply because patients couldn’t see the issue with their eyes first-hand. Now that patients can see enlarged, live images of different areas of their mouth, they can better understand different diagnoses.

More Accurate Treatment

Because intraoral cameras have all sorts of advanced technological features, such as a rotating head, LED light, and magnifying abilities, dentists can diagnose oral health issues more accurately and advise more effective treatment options. Ultimately, it helps the dentist get to the root of the problem so patients can be treated most efficiently for their unique situations.

Better for Patient Records

When your dentist wants to go back and look at your case for future reference, having photos taken by an intraoral camera are very helpful. These can be used for comparing the result of a treatment and more. Images and photos help to improve accuracy rather than just a written explanation.

Enhances Credibility of Doctor

Understandably, patients want to have full control over their financial decisions. A patient needs to be convinced that they need an oral treatment before committing the time and money to get it done. By seeing oral health issues firsthand from photos taken by an intraoral camera, the trust between the patient and dentist is stronger. Ultimately, there is more transparency, education, and confidence when it comes to getting oral care.

Better for Claims

Insurance companies need to have clarity of issues to cover medical treatments. Pictures that are taken through these intraoral cameras show visual proof of an issue to support the claims of patients. Ultimately, it helps to save patients time and hassle.

When looking for a dentist, consider the types of advanced technology they are utilizing. This way, you can receive dental care with confidence!

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