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Ready to Go Snacks for Kids

March 7, 2017

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Learn how to create healthy self serve snacks for your kiddos. This can help kids manage independent snacking.

When children are little, they rely on us big people  to choose which foods will be made for meals and snacks.  As parents, we have to take this charge seriously! Why? The more consistent we serve fruits, veggies and other healthier options during our kids youngest years, the better we set the bar for their eating habits down the line. Plus, let’s be completely honest, little ones are not developmentally ready to choose raisins over chocolate chips. Am I right?? This doesn’t mean we have to take complete control when it comes to our kid’s diets. Nor should we! Because especially when young ones grow and mature, they need a chance to make choices, develop preferences and listen to their bodies. (more…)

How Much Sugar Is In Baby Food?

March 1, 2017

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Sugar is everywhere in food, even in baby food.

Hidden sugar is found in so many foods, including baby foods and foods marketed specifically to our little munchkins. We are often not even aware of it’s hidden amounts. Read labels to find hidden sugar! 

Make your own foods and snacks at home to help be sugar free!


The Importance of Flossing

April 17, 2016

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Besides brushing your teeth, flossing is the next most important investment for healthy teeth and gums. However, people do not floss nearly as regularly as they should. According to a recent survey less than 50% of Americans floss daily and more than 10% do not floss at all. Patients typically floss before visiting the dentist; however, months of not flossing regularly can cause significant damage to your gums and teeth, potentially leading to tooth loss and periodontal, or gum disease. (more…)

A Smile For Her Son

February 13, 2016

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NEW YORK, NY, USA: Jalen’s mother realized that having a beautiful smile would change everything for her son. Accidents resulting in trauma to his mouth as a child had left him with a broken smile. With each passing year, she watched him retreat into a shell of silence and pain. She had tried to get him the dental care he needed, but the family had faced hard times over the years and they were unable to afford it.

Jalen was a hardworking student and a talented artist, but poor oral health was robbing him of his self-esteem and ability to concentrate in school. Distracted by constant agony and shame, he struggled socially and academically. Fearing ridicule, he was intimidated by the prospect of making friends and afraid to ask for help with his studies. Then, the unfortunate loss of his beloved grandmother further shattered his fragile spirit. Realizing his future was in jeopardy, Jalen’s mother vowed to find a way to help her son. Then, tragedy struck once again. Before she could realize her dream of seeing her son smile again, she died. (more…)

Decisions on Wisdom Teeth

January 1, 2016

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Wisdom Teeth: Keep them or lose them?
Wisdom teeth are typically the final set of molars people get in their early twenties. They develop two in the back on the top gum line and two on the bottom gum line. They are called wisdom teeth, because they come in when the person reaches a mature age. It is said that wisdom teeth date back to the stone age, when peoples’ diets consisted of very rough, hard foods that needed to be ground properly to be digested, making jaws stronger and bigger, leaving more space for 4 extra teeth. Since dentists didn’t exist back then, the wisdom teeth would realign teeth by pushing them back together as they grew in, filling in the spots where teeth had previously been lost due to tooth decay. However, since peoples’ diets have changed over time and foods have become more accessible and processed, mouths don’t require the 4 extra teeth and we now have the need to in general remove wisdom teeth because they can cause realignment of existing tooth structures and jaw problems. (more…)

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