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What Happens When You Get Your Braces Removed?

January 5, 2022

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woman smiling with braces in Mesquite

You’re finally done wearing your braces! You should pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Now it’s time to visit your dentist to get them removed. You’re probably excited to show off your smile and be done with the whole process, but you aren’t sure what to expect from the removal process. Read on to find out what happens when you get your braces in Mesquite removed!

Removing the Braces

Compared to how strong your braces held onto your teeth, removing them is actually a quick and easy process. Your dentist will make sure you’re nice and comfortable before using a special tool designed to swiftly remove your braces. By located the weak spots, the specialized instrument is able to gently pop the brackets right off!

You may feel mild pressure while getting the braces removed, but this will pass before you know it. After taking the braces and wires off, your dentist will buff your teeth to clear away any remaining adhesive. When you’re done, your teeth will feel like you didn’t have braces to begin with.

Your Teeth Are Examined

Now that your braces are off, it’s time for your dentist to make some final assessments. Of course, they will polish your teeth so they look and feel as natural as possible. It’s important for them to examine your teeth for any potential issues, and after taking final records of your completion, they’ll take photos and x-rays.

You may feel your gums are sensitive or swollen after the removal. This is common since your teeth are now having to adjust to not having braces anymore. The best thing you can do is to brush your gums gently for a few days to reduce inflammation.

The Next Steps After Braces

Your post-treatment process is crucial to making sure your teeth remain straight. Once the braces are off, you’ll be fitted with your personalized retainers. At first, your dentist will probably instruct you to wear these all day, every day. This is because your teeth are at their highest risk of shifting out of place, which can ruin all the progress you made so far. Retainers are for making sure your efforts all throughout your treatment weren’t in vain.

Over time, when your dentist asserts your teeth are at a lower risk of changing, you’ll likely only have to wear your retainers when you sleep. It’s important not to decide this for yourself, as this can unintentionally alter your long-held improvement.

Having your braces removed is an extremely easy and simple procedure. With a little care and maintenance afterwards, you can be sure your smile will look its best for many years!

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Texas Dentistry is located in Mesquite, TX, where their team offers high-quality and efficient dental care for the surrounding communities. Using advanced dental technology, they provide a collection of dental and orthodontic treatments including traditional braces. To learn more about what to expect when getting your braces removed, visit their website or call (972) 329-4200.

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