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Why Has There Been a Rise In Lip & Tongue Tie Treatment?

March 11, 2022

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Closeup of healthy baby after lip and tongue tie treatment in Mesquite

Regardless of how many parenting books you read, online forums you frequent, and videos you watch, parenthood is bound to come with some surprises. For instance, your infant may be having a difficult time breastfeeding or moving their mouth due to a lip or tongue tie. Fortunately, a quick and easy procedure called a frenectomy can easy fix this issue. However, lip and tongue tie treatments are gradually becoming more and more common. Read on to find out why, as well as who you should talk to if your little one has a lip or tongue tie.

What Are Lip & Tongue Ties? How Are They Treated?

The frenulum is a small band of tissue under your child’s upper lip and under their tongue. It’s supposed to help support movement and oral function, but if the frenulum is too thick, it can limit movement instead. Lip and tongue ties can make breastfeeding difficult, cause gaps between the upper front teeth, and even cause speech impediments. Mild lip or tongue ties often resolve themselves as a child grows, but moderate to severe cases should be treated with a frenectomy. This quick and easy treatment simply removes the excess tissue to free up movement of the lips and tongue.

Why Are Frenectomies Becoming More Common?

Interesting, the number of lip and tongue tie cases hasn’t increased, but their treatment has. In previous years, mothers weaned their infants from breastfeeding early in favor of bottle feeding with formula. However, now that breastfeeding is becoming more popular again, more parents are noticing the problems a lip or tongue tie can cause. Another reason is the change in how easily accessible information on children’s oral health is. Now that parents have access to the internet, numerous types of physicians, and parenting groups, the problems associated with lip and tongue ties are becoming more well-known, and thus prompting more treatments. Plus, thanks to advancements in dental techniques and technologies, frenectomies have never been faster, safer, or more comfortable!

Who Should You Talk to If Your Child Has a Lip or Tongue Tie?

If your child isn’t securely latching while breastfeeding, has developed a lisp, or seems to have trouble moving their lips or tongue freely, they may have a lip or tongue tie. However, the only way to know for sure is to see a trusted professional like your Mesquite children’s dentist. They’ll be happy to listen to your concerns and evaluate your baby’s mouth to see if treatment is needed. They may simply monitor your little one’s condition to see if they grow out of it, or they may recommend a frenectomy.

About the Practice

Families in Mesquite and the surrounding communities can count on Texas Dentistry as their one-stop shop for gentle and personalized children’s dental care. Our team of professional is dedicated to helping kids feel safe and comfortable in the dental chair while we make sure their smile is off to a great start. We offer fast and efficient frenectomies for children with lip or tongue ties, so don’t hesitate to reach us online or at (972) 329-4200to learn more!

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